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Desde hace años, DKV Innolab ha apostado por la salud mental como área de interés, y ha puesto en marcha numerosas iniciativas y proyectos para abordar los diferentes retos presentes en este ámbito. Tras este trabajo, DKV Innolab se ha asociado con la Red TECSAM para lanzar su primera convocatoria de innovación dentro del I Concurso de Innovación en Salud Mental de la Red TECSAM, en el que DKV Innolab participa como socio, actuando como codiseñador y cofundador de su Desafío DKV, y como jurado y anfitrión de la entrega de premios. El Concurso también cuenta con el Cluster de Salud Mental de Cataluña como colaborador.

El I Concurso de Innovación en Salud Mental de la Red TECSAM tiene como objetivo encontrar soluciones a retos como la detección precoz y la prevención en salud mental, la calidad de vida, el estigma y la exclusión de las personas con problemas de salud mental, los colectivos vulnerables, la salud mental de las mujeres, la salud mental en el ámbito laboral, el envejecimiento y la soledad, y el suicidio.

El concurso se divide en dos categorías, según la madurez del proyecto. La primera categoría, financiada por la Red TECSAM, está destinada a ideas y soluciones en fase inicial. En ella, la Red TECSAM ofrece dos programas de tutoría como premio para dos ganadores.

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Once you test positive they call you…they want to know your address…I was surprised that they were not interested in who the infecting person might have been to find out if they had symptoms or not. I think it should be important whether the person who infected you has symptoms or not.

The purpose of medicine is to reduce people’s suffering. Patients have the right to receive accurate and truthful information about what is happening to them and the possible evolution of their condition.    The medical art also contemplates transmitting to the patient favorable expectations, when these exist (the picture evolves well, we are optimistic for what we see in its evolution, the absence of symptoms is of good prognosis ….).

After my experience, I appeal to people who have to face a period of quarantine to receive care aimed at calming their psychological tension, providing them with information adapted to their case and, if necessary, giving them medication to help them get through this ordeal better.

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Through Biocord, leader in this service, you will be able to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord stem cells. These could provide your baby and his or her siblings with an additional healing option in the event of suffering from a series of very serious diseases related to blood cancers, such as leukemias or lymphomas, and others of the immune and metabolic system that require a bone marrow transplant, 75 in total. Currently, more than 30,000 transplants have already been performed using stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

Once you have selected the service and the location of the center, you will be taken to the product sheet, where you will find the green «BOOK» button. Once you confirm the reservation, you will be able to download the voucher with all the information and we will send you a confirmation email with the details and information of the service.

If the voucher expires and you have already made an appointment, you will only have to generate a new reservation that is valid for that appointment. Remember that they are valid for one month from the moment they are generated.

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Doctor Cum Laude in General and Digestive System Surgery, developer of an extensive research activity in this field and author of numerous articles in the specialty for national and international journals. He has made several training stays abroad and has won several awards in recognition of his medical work.

Currently, he combines his professional activity at the Vithas Arturo Soria Hospital in Madrid with his teaching, research and healthcare practice at the Fundación Jiménez Díaz University Hospital in Madrid.

– Specialist in General and Digestive System Surgery at the Hospital N.S. del Rosario (2003 -2021)- Specialist Physician of the General and Digestive System Surgery Service «B» of the Hospital Universitario Doce de Octubre, Madrid. Until 2017. Position in property through OPE.- Assistant Surgeon in the Department of General Surgery and Digestive System, Hospital Universitario Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Madrid. From 2017 to the present – Since January 2021, coordinator of the General and Digestive System Surgery Unit, Hospital Vithas Arturo Soria, Madrid.

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