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Today’s edition of the BOCYL publishes the call for 15 vacancies (1 vacancy reserved for people with disabilities) of Architect for the Junta de Castilla y León, corresponding to the vacancies offered in 2019 and 2021. The deadline for submitting applications will be 20 working days.

Today’s edition of the BOCYL publishes the call for 15 positions (1 position reserved for people with disabilities) of Architect for the Junta de Castilla y León, corresponding to the positions offered in 2019, 2020 and 2021. The deadline for submitting applications will be 20 working days.

The Junta de Castilla – La Mancha is planning to call for positions in different specialties.  We have the best syllabus and online test for your preparation for the competitive examinations of Technical Architect (4 vacancies offered), Agricultural Technical Engineers (8 vacancies offered), Industrial Technical Engineers (8 vacancies offered) and Social Workers (17 vacancies offered).

The Region of Murcia will publish the announcements of different specialties, among which we can highlight:  Industrial Engineers (3 vacancies offered), Technical Architects (5 vacancies offered), Agricultural Technical Engineers (39 vacancies offered) and Industrial Technical Engineers (2 vacancies offered).


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No shit, not if in the end it’s going to be true what they say out there, that the school of Santa Ana is going from bad to worse this year. That’s pretty strong. The director that is commented above and the bad feeling that exists in the school is an open secret. Where did they get that woman from!

There were some comments about the new principal and her way of running the school, but what exactly is going on? My children have told me something about impositions on the teachers. If anyone has more information please give it to me. Thank you

The impositions seem to be very varied, from giving catechesis to the students in the afternoons due to the lack of nuns who can do it, to having to go to school on weekends, always out of school hours when the teachers are obliged to stay inside the center. Also having to send secondary school teachers to primary school children in the dining room without having the necessary qualifications to be able to do that job. come on, to know what they do with our children during the hours they are in the center.

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The ESADE Alumni Health and Pharma Club is made up of ESADE alumni who develop our professional activity in the health sector, and more specifically in the health sectors (primary care, hospitals, social and health care), the pharmaceutical industry and supplier industries.

The Health and Pharma Club has two main objectives: to contribute to the updating of our knowledge and skills by organizing activities on new or current aspects of our sector, and to expand our network of contacts in order to enhance our professional career, through networking activities.

Paris Makriyannis has more than 17 years experience in high level management and consulting for the elevators sector. More than 13 years engagement with historic cars, rallies, events organization and car restoration. More than 5 years experience in car evaluations and dealership.

Paris is a founding member and the head of the Greek Chapter of ESADE Alumni. He studied Business administration in the Athens University of Economics and Business and did his FTMBA at ESADE from 1999 to 2001.

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